David (Professor Stein) is Oscar's dad. He is a scientist and expert on nanotechnology. In fact, it was his invention that caused Oscar to have the ability to shrink down to the size of a molecule

David is also the husband of Dora (Dora Stein). He is a very smart scientist and he is always building new inventions. He is always seen building (or creating) something in each episode he appears in...

  • Personality:

David has a very smart and kind personality. He is usually seen telling the boys (Tim and Oscar) things that are very important. Like, chemicals, dust, clouds, etc.

  • Appearance:

David has dark brown hair (darker than Oscar's) and he has black eyes. He wears a white shirt, a red tie, wich is mostly hidden by his light brown lab coat. He wears a dark brown belt, dark grey-ish pants, and black/brown shoes.

  • Relationships:

He is married to Dora. Obviously... he has a wife and a son. He seems to love them both very much.

  • Abilitys/Super Powers:

He has no super powers, what so ever. However, he does have a great ability to build things.

Trivia: Edit

  • David's outfit was slightly diffrent in season 2.
  • Tim seems to call David by the name of "Professor Stein". He does not call him "Oscar's Dad" or "Mr. Stein".