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Ferro is a magnetic-powered microbe, one of Microcosmos notorious mischief makers who’s self-centered and egotistic in every manner. Ferro is fond of projecting himself to a large audience and seeks out to always be in front of the camera or on television.

Personality: Edit

Ferro is egotistic and self-centered to the point where’d he’d do anything to steal an audience and force them to listen to his testimonies.  Though he projects him self’s in a bold and charismatic manner, Ferro immediately becomes incredibly emotionally distraught whenever things don’t go his way.

Appearance: Edit

Ferro, is similarly designed to hold the resemblance of an actual Pharaoh except his attire is more modern in retrospective to his headdress that he adorns. His color scheme of attire pertains to blues and oranges with yellow and tan mixed in. His appearance upon first glance makes gives him the look of a superhero.

Relationships: Edit

Ferro appears to be in no close range of relationships with anyone and always carries through on his own terms.

In the episode “Czar Zar’s New Clothes”, he is seen to be in friendly terms amongst the rest of the Microcosmos’s villains headquarters.  In addition to the episode, Ferro, like the other Microcosmos’ villains, holds to favor of Creena Payne’s mannerisms and appearance yet greatly dislikes Czar Zar for his lack of style like the rest of the villains.

Abilities/Super Powers: Edit

Ferro is capable of controlling and bending anything that consists of metal, in addition to his magnetic powers he is also able to control anything that consists of magnetic waves and bend it to his will such the ones aired on television.

Ferro is also capable of being airborne like Nanoboy, yet is much more slower in his movements.

Trivia Edit

  • Ferro's name is a play on words and terms such as the element Fe for Iron, which consists of a metal. His name also is a play on words of the word ‘pharaoh’, spelled differently yet sounded out in the same manner.
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Nanoboy Magnetic Microbe Menace (excerpt)-0