Cj 28
Corona Jane
also known as CJ. She's actually a reformed flu virus in a shapechanging bodysuit. CJ is the taciturn tactician of the group, quick with the plan and even quicker with the comments.

Deep down though, CJ is really loyal to the Nanosquad and is actually quite fond of Isaac, always protecting him from danger.

Powers and Abilities: Corona Jane has the ability to convert her entire body into a highly malleable state at will, allowing her to stretch, deform, and reform herself into virtually any shape. Corona Jane has been observed as being able to utilize her stretching form in a variety of offensive and defensive manners, such as compressing herself into a ball and ricocheting into enemies or flattening herself into a trampoline or a parachute to rescue a teammate.

CJ is also able to shape her hands into hammer and mace style weapons, and concentrate her mass into her fist. All of these feats used to require extreme concentration; however, due to mental and physical training, she can now perform these feats at will.