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Careena Payne is CJ's evil twin sister. Except, she never had a change of heart... or RNA. She is now the trusted sidekick of Czar Zar, and thus, Corona and Careena, the sisters-in-crime, are known as eachother's worst nemesis.

Both Corona and Careena are often seen fighting, argueing, or making fun of eachother. It is unknown if they both still love eachother. However, it is known that CJ used to be evil, like her twin, and would help her do horrible, evil things. Careena is mostly seen helping Czar Zar.

Personality: Edit

Careena has a more evil and much more wicked personality than Czar Zar. She can be somewhat mean or annoying to her sister, Corona.

Appearance: Edit

Careena looks a bit simular to Corona. She has a pointier shaped head, red eyes, and light pink skin. She has orange hair, that is style like a crescent shaped moon, with dark orange streaks near the bottom of it. She wears a one-peice suit, a bit simular to CJ's, however, she does not have a name tag. Unlike Corona's suit, Careena's is pink, she wears a purple belt with a yellow belt buckle, she also wears yellow boots and gloves.

Relationships: Edit

  • She seems to care (a bit) for Czar Zar, since she is seen catching him whenever he falls, picking out his outift, etc. However, it's unknown if she has feelings for him.
  • Careena seems to have a bad relationship with Corona, it is unknown if they both still love eachother (as sisters).
  • Abilitys/Super Powers:
  • She has the ability to make her nails grow into long blade-like. She also has the power to transform into other people.

Trivia: Edit

  • Very unlike her sister, Careena has orange hair, red eyes, and is slightly shorter than CJ.
  • Both Corona and Careena do not call eachother by they're real names. They only call eachother "sister".